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  • 2022.4: UW Scientist’s Carbon Capture Research Cited in Latest International Climate Report
  • 2021.10: New tool for energy sector models carbon capture incentives 
  • 2021.9: UW Researchers Probe Potential Water Impact of Bioenergy With Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  • 2020.10:  CMU: Democratic vs. Republican energy policy: Does it really make a difference?
  • 2019.12: Addressing committed emissions in both US and China requires carbon capture and storage.
  • 2019. 11: On the road to Paris: The shifting landscape of CO2 reduction.
  • 2018.9: How reducing CO2 benefits water use.
  • 2018.2: Even Without the Clean Power Plan, U.S. Can Achieve Paris Agreement Emissions Reductions Ahead of Schedule.
  • 2018.2 Pittsburgh Business Times. Surprise: CMU finds US has already met some CO2 emissions standards.